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Through daily lessons, our overall aim is to equip our children to use Mathematics in everyday life. The small classes and the support of a full time teaching assistant ensure that all needs are catered for, whether support or extension work is required.

In Reception, our children are introduced to early Mathematical concepts through practical activities both outdoors and in classrooms. They also have the opportunities to record their mathematical findings in preparation for Year 1 and 2.

In Pre-Prep, our children build on the foundations of EYFS and tasks are differentiated within lessons. Critical thinking and a sense of mastery with Mathematics is encouraged. We aim to develop an innate number knowledge that they can apply to all mathematical problems.

Digital Learning is also used in lessons to reinforce concepts. In addition, our wonderful school grounds provide real life opportunities for our children to learn about concepts such as weight, capacity, and measurement.

There are small group sessions to cater for individual needs to support or extend pupils within the year group.

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