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At Chandlings we encourage our children to take an interest in the wider world and develop a responsibility for their local community.   

As a school we support one charity each year and raise money in a variety of different ways.  Each year PATCH (our Parents association) propose a number of  local charities to the School Council.  A shortlist is then put together by Council which is then sent out to the whole school to vote on.   

This year our chosen charity is Blue Skye Thinking.  Inspired by the life of an incredibly brave young boy called Skye Hall, it is a local Oxford based charity supporting research into the treatment of childhood brain tumours, striving to give all children diagnosed a better chance of survival and improved quality of life during and post treatment.  We have also sponsored one of the interactive cogs which form part of the  “Loomstallationat the Oxford Children's Hospital - an interactive art installation incorporating Skye’s record-breaking 30,000m loom band to entertain children undergoing treatment at the hospital.  

Children are actively encourage to get involved in fundraising events and come up with their own ideas. PATCH also hold several events throughout the year supporting the charity. 

Pupils' Social Development is Excellent. The variety of charity fund-raising events helps pupils understand their responsibility to assist those who are less fortunate, both at home and overseas. 

ISI Inspection Report 2016 



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