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The FUNdamentals of agility, balance and coordination are the foundation blocks for our curriculum of movement and physical literacy. Every child takes part in a weekly swimming lesson, an indoor creative lesson, and double games.

Of course, children naturally run and jump, twist and turn, throw and catch and chase each other - so we’ve constructed an enjoyable games curriculum that builds on this repertoire of skills.

Our children are also introduced to managed forms of competition from as young as Reception - whether a challenge to improve the number of catches they do in 30 seconds or a simplified game of cricket.

By the end of Year 2, all children are expected to be able to swim a length of the pool (having been given all the coaching and confidence they need during lessons in Nursery and Reception).

In addition, indoor gymnastics is a great favourite with the children as they explore different body shapes, balances, jumps and rolls which they wouldn’t necessarily do every day. They create small gym and dance sequences and gain greatly in confidence as they demonstrate them to their friends.

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