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Design Technology

Providing a series of challenging projects that encourage our children to design their own creative responses to set briefs, and then make them to a high standard using hand tools, machines, and digital technology.

Design Technology is a subject which our children really enjoy, especially being absorbed in this creative, problem-solving activity for extended periods of time. It encompasses creative thinking, maths skills, scientific investigation, physical development and coordination, developing language and vocabulary, and much more...

It builds self-esteem and confidence, too. By being empowered to use real tools, gaining responsibility, accomplishing tasks which initially feel challenging, accomplishing new skills, and, finally, taking pride in their creations.

Our children can follow up on their classroom learning with enrichment clubs in furniture making and green woodworking. We also run a cross-curricular STEM project in Years Four and Six, working with Science and Maths on team projects.

Projects for 2020-2021

  • Y6 - Use hand tools to cut tenon joints to create a pine box and design and build trebuchets in teams in collaboration with Science and Maths
  • Y5 - Design and make a moving toy and use the 2D design software and the laser cutter to create a unique wall clock.
  • Y4 - Create a pine jigsaw of their own design, and make it using traditional tools they also use the 2D design software and the laser cutter to create a self-propelled boat.
  • Y3 - Design and made a String Art wall plaque and learn 2D design to make a 3D maze on the laser cutter. 

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