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Year 3 Sleepover

The tension and excitement had been building all day as Year 3 were so excited to be staying over at Chandlings on Friday night. At 5.00pm they had a snack and quickly headed up to the dorms, so pupils could nest in their new and unexplored surroundings.

A quick change and Ms Papp and Mr Umhoeffer took the pupils on a long walk/run around the grounds having a good explore along the way. Some relay races and games of tag were enjoyed by all. Mr Umhoeffer won the race against all the pupils despite them having a good 5-second start and most of them cheating massively! Hopefully it would help them sleep! I think ‘wishful thinking’ is the phrase.

Supper of sausages, chips and beans followed by ice cream for dessert was expertly served by Jackie and Ruth in the kitchen and our thanks go to them. The movie was Luca  with a popcorn interlude halfway through.  Eyes began to droop ready to hit the sack by 8.30pm.



A 5.00am a chorus of pupils was heard which meant for a looong morning!  They enjoyed a short walk and some quiet reading time in the library followed by a yummy breakfast before they all went home (probably needing a bit more sleep!)

This experience, for some a first time away from home and parents, is so important in their development. Independence, time away from home and cementing friendships are crucial as the journey through the prep department. Many residential opportunities and future sleepovers lay ahead. 

Huge thanks go to our domestic staff, Mrs Foster and Ms Uvriova, as well as the staff who stayed, Mr Marchant, Mr Umhoefer, Mr Foster, Ms Cook, Ms Papp and our star tutors Mrs Hanslip and Ms Bravington who were amazing. These events do heavily rely on staff going that extra mile and this really is an example of that.

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