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3,2,1 Lift Off for Year 1

For Year 1 children the Summer Term began with an ‘out of this world’ space adventure experience day, as they zoomed off on their topic launch of ‘Our Place in Space’! On Wednesday 21st April the children were invited to arrive at school dressed as astronauts or aliens before receiving their astronaut lanyard for the day.

They started their mission by jetting off into Space on a moon buggy, then space hopped their way through the twinkling stars, before zooming through a space tunnel to arrive at the Chandlings Space Station HQ!

The children loved manning the control deck of the Space station to ensure a smooth journey for all into Outer Space and there were many exciting conversations to be heard from the Space Rocket tent. They also enjoyed developing their artistic flair creating rockets and planets using coloured sand and scratch art. Lunch was a delicious feast of meaty, meatball meteorites served appropriately in foil containers. The children ended their special day with a bag of Space goodies to take home! 

During the course of the term the children will explore a variety of stories with a Space theme in English lessons. The children will develop an awareness of the past involving the history of Space Travel. They will explore the difficulties humans face when travelling to Space and learn about animals that have been to Space. The children will have opportunities for independent study to learn more about the life of a significant individual such as Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin or Dr. Valentina Tereshkova.

"Space is a really exciting topic and with the recent arrival of the NASA rover on Mars it is also very current and relevant.  We always try and bring our topics to life and with the difficult year we have had we wanted to make our Space launch really exciting for all our Year 1 children," said Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Hook the Year 1 teachers. 

More photos of the launch can be seen in the gallery.

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