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Tree Blog Summer 2019

Each year group is allocated a tree in the School grounds which the children visit in a variety of contexts throughout the academic year.  The aim of the project is for the children to become more familiar with their local environment and the many varieties of trees within our grounds. It also provides them with more outdoor learning opportunities where they can learn about the flora and fauna found at Chandlings.  Congratulations to RR, 1H, 2V, 3T, 4W, 5LG and 6B who won a picnic under their tree in a competition during STEM week.

Nursery children loved chasing the blossom from their cherry tree in the wind
Year 1 went to look at changes in their Horse Chestnut tree. There was great excitement to see the new growth of bright, green leaves
During Science lessons Year 3 visited their Ash tree to learn about how we see. They drew diagrams and included light rays of how we see a tree.
Year 5 have been learning about rocks and soils and tested the pH of the soil under the tree.




Reception enjoyed visiting their tree on a sunny nature walk
Year 2 visited their tree and learnt about identifying trees by the shape of their leaves.


Year 4 enjoyed a drama lesson under their Plane tree


Year 6 visited their tree, a Sweet Chestnut, on a wellbeing walk.


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