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Chandlings Success at Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts

The 2021 Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts was held in the beautiful venue of Pittville Pump Room, and offered performance spaces which really tested the young competitors' lung power and ability to project!  Although group and paired classes were cancelled this year due to CV19 restrictions, there were still over 400 candidates in the Drama disciplines, and the nine Chandlings representatives did brilliantly to not only compete with such talent and ability; but to take home some of the much-coveted medals and trophies. 

The Festival movement exists to allow performers to celebrate their potential, to test themselves against their peers and to receive personalised feedback from international experts: the learning experience is considerable and everyone who participated has mentioned how much they learned from their day of competition.  However, that so many of our entrants received such high marks and even placements is a real testament not only to their performance talents, but their ability to listen to advice and spend time polishing their work. 

"I am beyond proud of all them and so appreciative to the parents who attended for their support," said Rebecca Vines, LAMDA teacher.

Verse Speaking
Rosie - Trophy
Rosie - Gold Medal
Zach - Silver Medal
Elisabeth - Silver Medal
Tom - Silver Medal 
Katherine - Silver Medal
Anur - Bronze Medal
Maya - Honours
Amelie - Distinction

Junior Mime
Anur - Gold Medal

Elisabeth - Distinction


Solo Acting
Maya - Silver Medal
Katherine - Bronze Medal
Elisabeth - Honours
Anur - Honours
Arran - Distinction
Amelie  - Distinction
Rosie - Distinction

Public Speaking
Anur - Silver Medal

Prose Reading
Amelie - Silver Medal
Rosie - Bronze Medal
Maya - Honours
Katherine - Honours


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