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Bonne Année 2020

On Friday 10th January, Prep children welcomed in the New Year in a very French way celebrating the “Epiphanie” or Twelfth Night.. The children ate the delicious Galette des Rois, a traditional cake which hides “la fève”, a charm - a figurine, inside it. 

As tradition dictates, the children performed the ritual of the Galette, where the youngest child hides under the table and directs the distribution of each piece of cake. The lucky person to find the “fève” becomes the King or Queen for the day, wears a paper crown and can make three wishes.



The second column.Sofia, a newly crowned Queen in Year 5, wished for a new dog.  Natasha and Will who are both in Year 6 and currently in the middle of sitting their Senior School entrance exams wished for ‘no lessons and no homework!’ and Remy, a King in Year 3, wished for his Aunty to get married!

The celebration provided the children with an opportunity to experience French culture and they all thoroughly enjoyed it.  What a fantastic way to start the New Year!

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