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Swedish School Visit

We enjoyed hosting our Swedish visitors last week.  Jessica Skarstedt and Sibel Demirol come from the Ebba Braheschool in Stockholm which is a relatively new school for children aged 6-15 years.  Ralph Townsend, Chairman of the Cothill Trust, is also on their advisory board and recommended they visit us. 

Jessica is responsible for the academics and extracurricular activities in the lower grades, and Sibel for the middle and higher education.   They had a very busy few days meeting staff in order to find out what we do and how we organise timetables and activities. 


Jessica and Sibel were delighted to "have had the opportunity to spend three days at Chandlings. We have met the most inspiring teachers and polite and happy children. We have learnt how a thorough and systematic system at a school can really care for high academic achievements as well as it cares for wellbeing of every child. Thank you again for a fantastic three days."

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