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Tree Blog Spring 2019

We are continuing with our 'adopt a tree' initiative for the whole school.  Each year group is allocated a tree in the School grounds which the children will visit in a variety of contexts throughout the academic year.  We will be writing a blog each term which will illustrate what the children have been up to.

The aim of the project is for the children to become more familiar with their local environment and the many varieties of trees within our grounds.  It will also provide them with more outdoor learning opportunities where they can learn about the flora and fauna found at Chandlings.  Each of the trees have been labelled with a plaque. We are grateful to the Y6 leavers 2017 who funded this through their Young Enterprise entrepreneurial skills.

This term many classes visited their trees to compare and contrast seasonal changes. Luckily for some this coincided with the snow.  Some of Year 5 showed great artistic promise creating charcoal drawings of landscapes for a project with their form teacher. Their drawings were shown in the 'Transient' exhibition at Oxford Brookes last month.


Nursery children made patterns by swirling paint around and mixing to see what colours they could make. They turned their artwork into Kites for their Cherry Tree.

Reception explored the sense of touch at their Oak Tree and discovered that the bark is bumpy, rough and lumpy. 

Year 1 and Year 3 enjoyed the snow at their Horse Chestnut and Ash Tree.

Year 2 went on a winter walk and looked at their Maple Tree without any leaves.


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