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What do Cells, Eyes and the Solar System have in common?

Last term Year 5 and Year 6 were invited to take part in a house competition to support their learning in Science.  Year 5 were asked to make models of the Solar System or the Eye based on their topic, Light. Year 6 had the task of creating a model of a cell as part of their 'Microbe' topic.

Both year groups produced some fantastic models using a range of materials and skills. The standard was even higher this year than before and judging proved extremely tricky. However, Mrs Cook after much deliberation chose some winners and runners up. Congratulations everyone for a superb effort.

Some photos of the models can be seen in the gallery.

Year 6 winners:

  • Oliver  - For originality and excellent presentation of your 3D plant cell model.
  • Maxy  - For bold colours and excellent descriptions of the parts of your 3D cell model

Y6 STEM winner:

  • Jamie  - For a good model of a cell showing fantastic woodwork skills.

Year 6 runners up:

  • Tallulah  - For a great cell model with excellent labels and descriptions.
  • Charlotte  - For a well researched virus cell model with interesting detail.
  • Leo - For a great cell model with fantastic labels and explanations.
  • Etai  - For a fantastic cell model with original features.

Year 5 winners:

  • Kyra  - For a fantastic model of the Solar System and a detailed accompanying photo book.

Y5 STEM winner:

  • Jack  - For a fantastic model of the eye showing how we see. Great use of technology

Y5 runners up:

  • Chiara  - For a fantastic detailed model of the Solar System.
  • Joshua  -  For a detailed and well presented model of the Solar System.
  • Rico  - For a great Solar System model showing the distances between the planets.
  • Mila  - For a great model of the eye with detailed labels.
  • Oliver  - For a fantastic model showing the inside and outside parts of the eye.
  • Edward H - For a great model and description of parts of the eye.

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