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Word of the Week

Last term, during assemblies, the children were given a word each week which they had to use to create an imaginative sentence.  At the end of term Mrs Hickin set them a new challenge in which they had to use all the words from the term in a creative paragraph or story.

The words were:

Perilous, careering, manoeuvre, incessant, perpetual, fizzing, straggly, fierce, speechlessly, enchanted and exotic.

Mrs Hickin had many fantastic entries and the children had written some wonderfully creative stories. Thank you to all who took the time to enter. Please find below to fine examples from Alfie and Theo.

This week’s challenge is to find an interesting final sentence in a book.

Does anyone recognise what book this final line is from?

‘And I swear I felt the earth tremble beneath me with the roar of a distant Lion.’

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