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Extreme Reading

In the half term of the Autumn term, Chandlings children were encouraged to take their books and head off into the sunset on an Extreme Reading adventure.

They had their photo taken as they read their favourite book whilst hanging off monkey bars, out surfing, on a lifeboat and even with a Moroccan snake charmer! Some children linked the theme of the book with the setting of the photo - reading a book about Ancient Rome at Bath Spa, Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre and Blyton’s the Magic Faraway Tree up a beautiful oak tree.


We had over 50 creative submissions, with the children looking so happy, excited and engrossed in reading. The competition really inspired the children, it showed them the joy that reading can bring and highlighted that reading can happen anywhere and everywhere - we can be transported to imaginary worlds in the unlikeliest of places!

Several of the extreme reading photos can be seen in the gallery and you can also see the winning photos in the next edition of our termly magazine Knight Tales.

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