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International Day

Last week Chandlings Prep School celebrated International Week which culminated on Friday with the opportunity to visit 18 different countries in 30 minutes!  International Week embraces the whole school community with around 40 parents from a variety of countries hosting stalls which every single child visited to listen, taste and experience different cultures.

The stalls included The Lebanon, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, India, Malaysia, Guernsey and Russia to name but a few.  Parents dressed in their national dress and offered quizzes, facts, treats and foods for the children to collect and try.  Guernsey brought some butter from their Guernsey cows; in Pakistan the children could try some Rooh Afza (a concentrated pink squash) and Japan had some fantastic origami to test their skills.  All the children visited the stalls with a special passport, that needed to be stamped, and a form with questions to fill in.


The rest of the day was filled with various workshops which the children showcased at the end of the day in the International Day Parade.  The children from Year 4 learnt about Japan in the Art workshop and displayed their own Kimonos, Year 5 learnt about Brazil and how to do the Capoeira. Year 3 performed Balinese music which they learnt during their music workshop and the Year 6 learnt dances and songs in Swahili and Spanish, as well as reading French stories to the Nursery children.  

"It's a day when we can celebrate our differences and unite in diversity," said Madame Martelli, the head of Modern Languages, who organised the whole event.  “The children love the week and they can learn all about other countries and cultures. It brings together the school community of parents and children showing how we can learn from each other and enrich our lives. We couldn't do this day without all the help from the parents and I would like to say a big thank you to them."

"International Day is the best day at Chandlings,’ said one of the Year 4 children

"I wish it was morning and we could do it all again," said Zoe from Year 5. 


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