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Nursery's Autumn Activity Day


Chandling's Nursery children enjoyed a fun-filled Autumn Activity Morning in the Nursery Woodland on Friday.


It's always an adventure for the Nursery children at Chandlings and last Friday's awesome Autumn activity morning was no exception.  The children (and staff) came to school in various different fancy dress outfits including fairies and superheroes!

The children all ventured to the Nursery Woodland where a variety of treats and activities were waiting for them.  For those brave enough there was the jiggling jelly filled with spiders and creepy crawlies (plastic thank goodness) which the children had to fish out with a large set of tweezers helping them develop their fine motor skills.  Some children keen on spider webs, crept under the blue web and counted all the skeletons hanging underneath.  Painting is always a winner and the orange paint was ready to be painted on some bubble wrap which improves their gross motor skills too.

They all enjoyed watching the sparklers and finished off the morning with some singing, marshmallows and a delicious hot chocolate.  

More photos of the Autumn activities can be found in our Photo Gallery. 

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