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Tree Blog Autumn Term 2018

We are continuing with our 'adopt a tree' initiative for the whole school.  Each year group is allocated a tree in the School grounds which the children will visit in a variety of contexts throughout the academic year.  We will be writing a blog each term which will illustrate what the children have been up to.

The aim of the project is for the children to become more familiar with their local environment and the many varieties of trees within our grounds.  It will also provide them with more outdoor learning opportunities where they can learn about the flora and fauna found at Chandlings.

This term each class has visited their tree to have a picnic, and also as part of their curriculum.  For example the Year 6’s have learnt about magnets in class. They then visited their tree to hang a free moving magnet to make a compass.  The Year 2’s topic this term is ‘Up Up and Away’ and they have hung balloons all over their tree with special wishes written on them by each of the children.

The Chandlings 'Adopt a Tree' intranet page also gives you ideas on how you can continue this theme with your children at home.

Nursery had a picnic under the Cherry Tree.

Year 1 had their picnic under their Horse Chestnut Tree.

Year 3 learnt about endoskeletons and exoskeletons under their Ash Tree.

Year 4 have adopted the London Plane Tree.


Nursery children had circle time under their Cherry Tree.

Year 2 created and tied balloons to their Maple Tree.

Year 5 sat under their beautiful Weeping Willow during their picnic.

Reception showed good teamwork skills around their Oak Tree.


Year 2 Balloon with a special wish written on it.

Year 6 did a practical investigation to show how the North seeking pole on a free moving magnet will point towards the magnetic North Pole.

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