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Karate Gold for Chandlings Prep Year 2

Congratulations to Wilf in Year 2 who, in his first Karate competition, stormed through to take the gold in the boys 6-7yrs, -27kg (Kumite) at the Open Shito Ryu Karate Championships, at YMCA.  

The event took place in London with over 250 competitors aged 4 to +35 years from 22 Clubs and associations taking part. 

This was a huge achievement from Wilf who only took up Karate in September at Chandlings Prep as one of his extra-curricular activities.  He is taught by Patience Kakitie, a karate champion herself, who comes into school to teach the children.

Wilf enjoyed karate so much that he started extra lessons at the Shito Ryu Karate club in Oxford.  Wilf said that his proudest moment was when he was picked by his club to go to the competition as only 4 children went.  When asked what was the hardest part of the competition Wilf replied, "Kickmaster was the hardest.  You have 30 seconds to show your technique in punching and kicking skills and if you hit the punch bag you don't go through."

Karate coach Patience Kakitie said, "He is an outstanding student, a great teammate and has a composed and business-like attitude, which really impressed the judges and referees on the day." 

Mike Clarke, Head of Activities, added "Huge congratulations to Wilf on a fantastic gold in the karate competition.  Our aim at Chandlings Prep is to offer as many opportunities and activities as we can to our children hoping that they will all find something that they really like, and it's great to see this happening with Wilf."

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