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Year 4 enjoys a Medieval Adventure at Warwick Castle!

This term, Year 4 at Chandlings Prep embarked on an exciting adventure, journeying back in time to explore the magnificent Warwick Castle.

The morning was packed with exploration. The children learnt about the powerful trebuchet, a medieval siege weapon, and even witnessed it in action! Wandering through the Time Tower, they delved deeper into the rich history of Warwick Castle.

But the adventure didn't stop there! Lunchtime brought a unique challenge – enjoying a picnic lunch while keeping a watchful eye on the skies. The awe-inspiring bird of prey display showcased magnificent eagles and other birds of prey.

Next came a test of courage! Year 4 bravely ascended the steep steps of Caesar's Tower, a towering structure roughly the height of 10 double-decker buses! From the top, they were rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Their day concluded with a fascinating demonstration by a skilled Bowman, who unveiled the secrets of medieval archery, the equipment used, and the techniques employed by these skilled warriors.

Year 4's trip to Warwick Castle perfectly embodies the spirit of adventure that Chandlings Prep champions. Their enthusiasm for history and thirst for knowledge shone throughout the day. Not only did they gain valuable historical insights, but they also displayed excellent behaviour, acting as true ambassadors for Chandlings Prep.


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