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Winners Revealed: Year 6 Science Cell Model Making Competition

We're delighted to unveil the winners of the Year 6 Science House Model Making Competition, where students showcased their creativity and scientific understanding by crafting detailed cell models. 

The task involved constructing representations of cells – be it plant, animal, bacteria, or virus – emphasising key components such as the cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, and organelles.

Students displayed exceptional ingenuity, using various materials to bring their models to life, adhering to the guidelines of clear labelling and detailed descriptions for each cell part. The Lantern Hall buzzed with excitement as the models were exhibited, demonstrating a remarkable blend of scientific accuracy and artistic expression.

It was very hard to choose the top five.  But after much deliberation, Mrs Biggs and Ms Cook chose the following winners: Henrietta, Amrit, Riley, Leo and Wilf.

“I extend my congratulations to our talented Year 6 children for their exceptional creations in the Science House Model Making Competition.” said Ms Cook, Head of Chandlings Prep. “Their imaginative cell models not only demonstrated a deep understanding of cellular biology but also showcased the creativity and innovation that defines our curriculum.”


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