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Chandlings Prep Gets Wordy With Susie Dent!

Renowned lexicographer, etymologist, and television presenter Susie Dent brought the magic of words to life during a captivating visit to Chandlings Prep. The event, held on World Book Day, ignited a love for language and sparked curiosity amongst the children. 

Dent, best known for her appearances on the Channel 4 show "Countdown", captivated the audience with her infectious enthusiasm and insightful knowledge. She shared words from her new book ‘Roots of Happiness’ which contains 100 words for joy and hope. She also shared her personal favourite word, "love," and humorously proposed the inclusion of "snaccident" (the accidental overindulgence in snacks) in the dictionary.

Susie Dent's passion for language was evident as she delved into the history of some of the Chandlings children's favourite words, including "daisy," "paraphernalia", and "electricity". Her engaging storytelling transported the children on a journey through the evolution of language, sparking their imaginations and piquing their interest in exploring the vast world of words.

The Q&A session concluded with a book signing followed by a visit to the school's "word tree", a collaborative project inspired by Dent’s book, showcasing the children's favourite words. She then added another of her favourite words "Halcyon" to the tree.

"Susie Dent's visit was an absolute delight," said Karina Philip, Head of English at Chandlings Prep. "Her passion for language was contagious, and she truly inspired our children to appreciate the power and beauty of words. We are incredibly grateful for her time and for sharing her knowledge with our school community. We were definitely all gigglemugs when she left!"

This event embodies the spirit of Chandlings Prep: igniting a passion for learning and nurturing the boundless curiosity within each child. By fostering a love for language in such an innovative and engaging way, we encourage students on a lifelong adventure of discovery. 

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