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Chandlings Prep Celebrates International Day

On 2 February, Chandlings Prep embarked on a vibrant journey around the world during its annual International Day, celebrating the diverse tapestry of cultures that make its school community so special.

More than just a celebration, International Day was a whirlwind of learning and cultural immersion. The Lantern Hall transformed into a bustling marketplace, with twelve stalls representing countries from Mexico and Brazil to Japan and India. Each stall was curated by dedicated parent volunteers and offered a captivating glimpse into a different culture through interactive games, fascinating facts, and delicious treats. Children from Nursery to Year Six embarked on a 30-minute tour, learning about languages, traditions, and customs from around the world.

The spirit of the day truly came alive through the children's vibrant costumes. Dressed in the colours of flags, wearing traditional dress, or simply expressing their creativity, they became living embodiments of their chosen countries. This visual tapestry sparked conversations, fostered understanding, and celebrated the uniqueness of each individual.

But International Day wasn't just about observation. Every child actively participated in engaging workshops, delving deeper into the customs and traditions of their chosen countries. Whether crafting Venetian masks, dancing the Samba or learning Zulu chants, these immersive experiences fostered a deeper appreciation for the richness and diversity of our world.

"International Day is a highlight of our school year," said Christine Cook, Head of Chandlings Prep. "It's a reminder that even though we come from different backgrounds, we are united by a shared love of learning and a deep appreciation for each other's cultures."

"Organising International Day is always a joy," added Mlle Pasquini, Head of Modern Foreign Languages and the event organiser. "Seeing the children's faces light up as they discover new cultures and celebrate their own heritage is truly rewarding. It's a powerful reminder that the world is our classroom, and understanding each other is the greatest lesson we can learn."

Chandlings Prep's International Day was a resounding success, leaving students and staff alike with cherished memories and a renewed sense of global citizenship.


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