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Chandlings Champion Inventors

The creative spirit of Chandlings Prep children took centre stage as they embraced the challenge to design their own incredible inventions or cracking contraptions, inspired by the visit of Adam Kay and Henry Paker, co-authors of Kay's Incredible Inventions. The competition showcased the incredible imagination and ingenuity of our future inventors.

The winners of the design challenge were announced in assembly and they have truly set the bar high for innovation. The panel of judges had the difficult task of selecting the most imaginative and well-crafted inventions from a pool of exceptional entries.

  • Year 2 winner was Hattie, whose invention The Wordatron, captured the judges' interest for the most imaginative invention.

  • Year 3 winner, George, whose invention The Shoe Helper 3000, wowed the judges with his practical and well thought out design.

  • Year 4 winner,  Zander whose Wiggly Worm Waster got the Eco-Award for best environmental innovation.

  • Year 5 winner, Eric, invented the Marvellous Camera for insect photography and impressed the judges with his incredible attention to detail. 

  • Year 6 winner, Lana, whose invention The Dishwasher Emptier captured the judges attending with its unique approach to solving a common problem. The creativity and originality displayed in the design were truly commendable.

Nine other inventors also received a highly commended award for their incredible inventions too.  

All the winners received a book which might inspire them with their future inventions.

The design challenge not only encouraged students to think outside the box but also highlighted the importance of fostering creativity and curiosity in education. 

“We were delighted with the number of inventions we received,” said Karina Philip, Head of English, “and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants for their outstanding efforts and innovative ideas. The future of invention and discovery looks bright with these young minds leading the way.”


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