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Celebrating La Fête des Rois

On January 6th, also known as Epiphany or Twelfth Night, the French celebrate “la Fête des Rois”. Here, at Chandlings Prep we also enjoyed welcoming the French New Year in a very special way celebrating La Fête des Rois.

Like most French festivals, it has its very own traditional food, in this case a special cake called “la Galette des Rois”.

There is a ceremony to eating the cake.  The youngest child goes under the table where they direct the distribution of the pieces of cake. The cake is eaten — carefully — because there is a fève (or charm—a small china figurine) hidden inside one piece. The lucky person to find the fève becomes King or Queen and gets to wear the paper crown throughout the day.




After the ceremony, we all sang “J’aime la Galette” a traditional French song. The whole experience enables us to celebrate language learning and cultural awareness.

We would like to thank the French Company Brioche Pasquier for generously providing the delicious Galettes.

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