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Adam Kay and Henry Paker Unleash Laughter and Crazy Inventions at Hilarious Book Event

The dynamic duo of bestselling author Adam Kay and comedian and artist Henry Paker joined forces to create an unforgettable book event for their latest book, "Kay's Incredible Inventions."

The event, held at Chandlings Prep, combined humour, wit and incredible inventive drawings celebrating everything ever invented! Children from Cothill House, Abingdon Prep, The Unicorn School, Bladon CofE School and Chandlings were all mesmerised from start to finish learning how Queen Elizabeth I was the first person ever to use a toilet in her own house and what the Romans and Greeks used for loo roll… (you don’t want to know!) as well as some ‘deathventions’ that weren’t quite so good such as the inventor of the printing press who got caught up in his own press!

During the event, Henry Paker was busy creating and drawing new inventions for all the children to see including a ‘dog poover’ powered by mice for those unexpected messes your dog might leave or a laser yielding robot crab to defend the school!  However, the most popular invention that Henry drew was definitely the ‘virtual teacher confuser helmet’ which made teachers think that their class was still there… meanwhile they were all having fun elsewhere! Henry gave the children two important facts when drawing characters: “Always start with the eyes and if you need to make him or her look a bit silly you can add some big teeth!” which he promptly did to a worm eating an apple!

The book talk not only entertained the audience but also inspired the children to get creative and think about what they could invent just like the 16 year old who invented the trampoline.  The talk also provided a sneak peek into the creative process and the teamwork behind "Kay's Incredible Inventions" as well as the inspiration behind some of the zaniest inventions featured in the book.

The event, which had been organised by Karina Philip, Head of English and Mostly Books an Independent Book Shop in Abingdon, concluded with a Q & A session and the children all left delighted with their signed books.

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