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A Space Adventure for Year 1

After receiving an invite on Thursday 12th January, Year 1 arrived at their classroom doors on Friday ready to zoom off to space. The children, dressed as astronauts and aliens, were in for an immersive experience throughout the day. 

The day started with the children bouncing on space hoppers, crawling through black holes and eventually crashing into space!!

They got to control the spaceship through our role play control centre with levers, buzzers and screens. The children took part in sand art rockets and scratch art astronomy which they took home in their astronaut bags. 

The space theme continued at lunch with children eating out of tin boxes and space cups. The only thing missing was lack of gravity! 

Later in the day the children designed their own space suits and watched real rockets launching into space. 

The children discussed what they would like to find out about space throughout the term and the children were given an opportunity to share what they already know. 


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