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Konnie Huq launches her new book "Cookie!"

What could be better than a morning learning how to write a comic strip, conducting exploding science experiments and listening to a new story told by the longest serving Blue Peter presenter?  Konnie Huq, ex Blue Peter presenter and author engaged and  inspired children with her talk all about her new book "Cookie and the most annoying boy in the world."

Konnie's talk was an absolute blast! She kicked off by building a comic strip story with the children with Cookie, the protagonist of her book, as the central character; who'd have thought that eating carrots would enable Cookie to see in the dark so effectively that she could spot the UFO living under her bed!

Konnie then invited two children to the stage to don lab coats and goggles as they did one of Cookie's favourite experiments - mentos fountains! Don't try this at home!

Konnie finished by reading a passage from her book about spotting teachers out of school and the mysterious lives they might lead...

The talk was organised by Nina Brown, Chandlings' librarian in conjunction with Mostly Books in Abingdon with whom we have a close link. Pupils from Dry Sandford also enjoyed Konnie's talk.

An inspiring and super entertaining morning was had by all. Thank you Konnie!

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