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Frogs Take Over Chandlings!

No not really!  But, this term we did have a whole school book project organised by Mrs Philip, Head of English, using the picture book Tuesday by David Wiesner. In the picture book, frogs take flight and explore their local environment, unnoticed by humans.  The frogs appeared in some very strange places around the school!  All the children from Reception through to Year 6 used the book and the sightings as inspiration for some very exciting creative writing, illustrating how their writing progresses as they get older. 


The theme of frogs was also used for cross-curricular learning. Children enjoyed pond dipping in their science lesson learning about reproduction and life-cycles of amphibians. During art lessons some fantastic ceramic frogs and tadpoles were created.  Even Nursery were involved, learning all about the life cycles of frogs; they visited the pontoon and went pond dipping for the first time ever!

“It was wonderful to see the whole school engaged in a shared learning experience,” said Mrs Philip. “The children were clearly inspired by the picture book and the mysterious amphibian sightings across the school. They produced a fabulous selection of imaginative writing for a variety of purposes.”




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