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Friends, Year 3, Countrymen!

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Corinium Museum in Cirencester learning all about life during the Roman times.


They started the day with an informative and inspiring workshop learning about life in Roman Britain. The Year 3 pupils demonstrated a good knowledge of the topics discussed and also learnt many new interesting facts. Their experience of The Lifelong Learning Centre involved a rota of fun activities with everyone dressing up in Roman outfits and discovering foods and games available at that time.

They then enjoyed looking around the museum, with thousands of objects on display. The children worked enthusiastically as they searched amongst the artefacts so that they could find answers to the questions posed in their workbooks.

They all admired the exhibits from Roman and Anglo Saxon times and were amazed at the detail and enormity of the mosaics formed 2000 years ago in Cirencester. From tiny pieces of jewellery to huge columns, the artefacts were very impressive. A fantastic trip and without a doubt they could have stayed there a lot longer!

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