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Chandlings Prep Shortlisted for Education Choices Magazine Award

Chandlings Prep, which is proud of its innovative approach to education, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Developing Student Voice Award by Education Choices Magazine. The award recognises schools that empower students to actively participate in shaping their school experience and are listened to.

Chandlings Prep believes that student voice is a cornerstone of a successful learning environment. We go beyond simply listening to our students; we actively create structures and systems that encourage them to express themselves and contribute to decision-making.

This is achieved through a multi-pronged approach. A well-established School Council ensures year-group representation, while a dedicated website provides a platform for student ideas and suggestions. Regular pupil voice surveys, conducted via Google Forms or class discussions, delve into specific areas like school values and well-being, providing valuable insights that inform school leadership.

The impact of student voice at Chandlings Prep is evident in the numerous positive changes implemented based on student suggestions. From the introduction of enriching activities like the Talent Show and Lego Club to the selection of delicious new menu options and the purchase of exciting new playground equipment, student input has demonstrably shaped the school experience.

We take student well-being seriously. "Worry Monster" teddies in classrooms create a safe space for students to express anxieties, while a weekly check-in system using emojis allows teachers to address any concerns and ensure every voice is heard. Even our charitable endeavours involve student participation, with children actively involved in selecting the school charity.

This nomination for the Developing Student Voice Award is a testament to Chandlings Prep's commitment to fostering a vibrant school community where students feel empowered to be active participants in their own education. By cultivating a culture of open communication and valuing student input, Chandlings Prep creates a thriving learning environment where every voice matters.


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